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Olympic Synchronized Swimming Team Hair and Makeup Tips

Olympics-Bound Swimmers Share Their Wildest Hair Tips (They Work!)

The Olympics begin next month, and two members of the US synchronized swim team will be competing in London. After spending eight hours in the water every day, Mary Killman and Mariya Koroleva have become experts in caring for hair and skin crippled by chlorine. Learn their secrets for keeping rough hair and red, flaky "pool face" at bay — and discover the bizarre kitchen staple that keeps them looking and feeling good in the water.

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Hi, I'm Jessica from Bella Sugar and we're here with the US Olympic synchronized swimming team. They taught me how to make any makeup waterproof and how to keep your hair healthy when you swim. Spending hours in a chlorine-filled pool can really do damage to your hair. So what are your tips for keeping your hair healthy this summer and not turning green in the pool? Well, right now we actually have what's called knox gelatin in our hair. It's unflavored cooking jello basically. It has a lot of extra properties in it. You know, it helps hair out of our face. It is very shiny in the water. But it actually strengthens our hair, you know. They use it for strengthening their nails and what not. Well so, it looks funny but its helpful. Always use a conditioner every single day after practice and find a leave in conditioner I love the Infusium products. It's really good for the damage that's done daily. When you're in the water all the time, your face can get really dry. They told me their secret for keeping their face moisturized. Lots and lots of lotion. I use a lot of Aveeno. I love their tinted moisturizer, because after awhile it really dries out my face. And so, I call this pool face, because you just get red, you know, your cheeks are red, your nose is red. So the tinted moisturizer is great because it doesn't look like you're putting on a lot of makeup but it just gives a little bit of a tone so it kind of evens out your skin color. So I see you guys are wearing makeup now for your performance. What are your tricks for getting your makeup waterproof or what are your favorite waterproof makeup products? Well the only thing we actually use that is waterproof is our mascara. The rest of it is more just normal makeup. We actually put ChapStick on under our makeup before we put the color on so it's used as basically a primer. But, you know, we kind of just have to put a lot of layers on so it's very bright and shows in front of a bunch of people. How do you become a member of the US Olympic synchronized swimming team? I actually grew up in a town that had, it was a small suburban town and it had a big synchronized swimming club, so that's how everybody knows who who those girls are so, I just wanted to try it out. And then from there you do the club level. Some people go on to the collegiate, that's what I did, then you can get involved in the national team. You start trying out for these teams and you start making it and your experience just builds and builds and then the next thing you know you're at Olympic trials and you you kind of go up the ladder. What are you most excited about? Whats your favorite part about being a part of the synchronized swimming team for the Olympics? I think one of my price of seeing the younger girls who look up to you. It's really cool once you get to this level to be able to be role model and kind of an ambassador for the school and just being a leader is something that's really cool. Remember to keep their beauty tricks in mind while you're at the pool this summer. I'm Jessica, and thank you for watching BellaSugarTV.

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Sadhie Sadhie 3 years
Chapstick huh? interesting. Their outfits are so cute!
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This is a fab video! I'm impressed the chapstick trick, I'd have never thought of it!
Jaime-Richards Jaime-Richards 3 years
Love these tips. Who knew? Can't wait for the Olympics!
lauren lauren 3 years
I had no idea about the gelatin or chap stick!
Susi-May Susi-May 3 years
I think it is oddly awesome that they put Chap Stick under their makeup to keep it in place — genius.
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J Cruuuuuel. Great job!
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Great job, Jessica! Great interview!!
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My mind is still wrapping itself around some of the moves these women do in the water. Like clockwork!
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Awesome video! Great job Jessica!
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nice job jessica!
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