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PopSugar Shop Murad Exfoliating Cleanser

PopSugar Shop: Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

Welcome to PopSugar Shop! Every day, our expert editors are researching the best beauty, fashion, and fitness products so that you don’t have to — and when we find something we love, PopSugar Shop gets great offers exclusively for you. Murad is one of the world’s first authorities on skin health and a pioneer in clinical skin care. Watch the video to find out about Murad's AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser!

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this exfoliante cleanser by Murad is one of the world's first authority in skin health and a pioneer in clinical skin care I'm Brandy Marlow, and welcome to Pop Sugar Shop where everyday our team of expert editors are researching the best beauty, fashion, and fitness products so you don't have to. and when we find products we love, Pop Sugar Shop gets exclusive offers just for you. And I've invited Bella Sugar reporter Kirby Johnson to tell me about this cleanser and why it's sell a sugar favourite. Kirby [sp?], what is it about this exfoliating cleanser that makes it a standout? OK, Brandi [sp?], I love this cleanser because every day when you [xx] it. [xx] off dead skin. illuminating your complection. making it more radiant. And it helps the blemishes, which we all get from time to time. But Mike's [sp?]. I mean, very, very gently. You don't have to worry about it rubbing your skin too hard, scratching, irritating or anything like that. There's no salt or sugar in the scrub? No, actually is has Jojoba. And they're very soft. So you can still feel like it's exfoliating but - I'm going to just demonstrate with the water - it lathers up a lot, so it feels more like a cleanser. more than anything. I know what I love about this, is it's absolutely fragrance-free even though it's this clinical [xx]. Exactly, that's one of the best part, you know, I I exfoliate every day. I know some people don't. It's actually recommended two to three times with this, but I can use it every day. It doesn't smell harsh. Now what is this AHA/BHA mean. So this is my favorite AHA is alpha hydroxide and BHA is beta hydroxide and AHA And what does that mean? how clear and smooth your skin, leave it even toned. They also help with fine lines and wrinkles. And in this product there's lactic and glycolic acid so those are the AHA; the BHA in this, the betahydroxy salicylic acid, I've heard of that before, and tonnes of acne fighting products but this is gonna help your pores. And all three of those ingredients combined just exfoliate the skin even more. So it's not harsh. That's something I really wanna get across. Well, I know that when I use I really like how it polishes my skin and it helps me with the occasional breakouts. I do it two to three times a week. No I love how you said polish, because I feel that when people hear they freak out, thinking it's gonna be really grainy and harsh on their skin, but this is very lightweight. It just gives a subtle glow. Well, we love this product and we know you will and when you buy this cleanser, you are also going to get this skin-perfecting primer by Mirad [xx] as well. They say it gives you like a Dewey complexion so it's something you could use, without foundation? Yes, it's actually meant to keep your make-up [xx] longer and leaves a dewy finish. But I also really like it because it complements this wash. It leaves your skin illuminated and radiant. So, ladies, after you cleanse your face put your moisturizer on and then grab this primer; Kirby thank you so much for telling me about these great offers. Oh no, thank you Brandy. Thanks for watching PopSugar Shop, I'm Brandy and we'll see you next time.

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