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PopSugar Shop Stila Eye Shadow Palette

PopSugar Shop: Stila's In the Light Eye Shadow Palette

Welcome to PopSugar Shop! Every day, our expert editors are searching for the best beauty products — and when they find them, PopSugar Shop gets great offers exclusively for you. If you've been looking for an eye shadow palette that you can keep in your purse for work, then go from day to night when going out for dinner afterward, then we've found a true makeup must have in Stila's In the Light Eye Shadow Palette.

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So today we have a Stila eye shadow palette, which is a BellaSugar teen favorite. And with this palette you get a free gift with purchase, four products from Philosophy. Hi, I'm Brandi Milloy, and welcome to PopSugar Shop. Everyday our expert editors are searching for the best beauty, fashion and fitness products. And when we find something we love, PopSugar Shop gets exclusive offers just for you. So, I've invited Kirbie Johnson to tell me all about this must have palette. Brandi, we love this palette, not only because the variety of shades and the full size eyeliner that you can wear these colors from day to night, no matter what your complexion is or what color your eyes are. So you'll look flawless no matter what. I think something I love about this palette is that there's 10 colors. Exactly. And it's very apparent that this is something that can work on everyone's skin color. Well, you know how a lot of palette's have colors you're not sure what to do with them, you think they might be for a professional? Oh, that's me. If it looks too intimidating, I'm not gonna buy it. Well, you don't have to worry about this, because these are all Neutral shades that you can wear whether you're going to work or going out with friends. Now if you see my makeup palette at home, this is pretty much gone. This is my favorite, this kitten color. Yes, O Kitten. So, it has a cult following, if you're a Stila fan you know Kitten. It's velvety, and that's actually for all of the shades, they're all very velvety when you put them on. They're easy to blend. So Kitten, if you want to stick your hand out, I'll show on your complexion. Look how rich that pigment is. Then you keep going. My lighter hand. But it still looks nice. Wow. They're easy to blend, they're spreadable. I like to use this as like a little highlight in the corner my eyes. Yes, corner of your eyes, your eyebrow bones. It's perfect, and you can blend it. It's not too shimmery so you don't look like you're going to the club when you wear this. Plus this comes with a full size, not a sample size, not a half size, a full sized eyeliner. Yeah . And it has that little smudge effect, I love it. Plus you can wear these wet or dry, so whether you want a liquid look or you want a more matte look, it has it all. This palette really has it all. For $39, you're going to get this Stila Eye Shadow Palette featuring 10 eye shadows, this eye liner Plus from Philosophy you're going to get some really amazing things. Ladies, this is Amazing Grace, one of their best selling scents. This is actually their shampoo, bath and shower gel. Plus, you're also gonna get this amazing lotion. I like to use this in my purse, or keep it on my dresser for just, like, a quick little fix. And then I saved the best for last. I said four products, because you're actually getting four things for free. This is a free gift with purchase, this lip gloss, which looks great on every woman's lips. And then also this perfume roller ball. Like I said this is one of their best selling scents. This is great for having in the purse, and you know you can always buy this palette for yourself, and then give the gift with purchase as a gift. So, Kirbie, something that you said earlier was telling me about this dry/wet look and I had never done that before. What colors do you do with that? You know, I like to use them as eye liner so I'll stick my eye shadow brush in water or even a cream, a moisturizer works really well and then you just dab it. I like ebony, I also like sandstone because they're more flat colors. You don't have to worry about them being too shimmery. Usually women don't wear shimmery eyeliner. But this really is great forA cat eye or really doing a winged eyeliner look. Stila "In the Light" eye shadow palette with these amazing colors, and it comes with a look book. So ladies if you're a little intimidated by all these colors, they're going to guide you every step of the way to get this look. Plus, my favorite, Philosophy. You're going to get four products. You're gonna get this right here, the bath/shower gel combo, lotion, and then this lip gloss perfume roller ball. I mean, how fun is this? If you think about it, it's actually seven products with the three-in-one and the lotion, it's awesome. Oh yeah. Plus the eye shadow palette and like $9 and these are all free. Kirbie, thank you so much for being here with us. Thank you. I'm Brandy, thanks for watching PopSugar Shop and we'll see you next time.

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