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PopSugar Shop Tarte Eye Shadow Palette

PopSugar Shop: Tarte's NeutralEYES Eye Shadow Palette

Welcome to PopSugar Shop! Every day, our expert editors are searching for the best beauty products — and when we find them, PopSugar Shop gets exclusive offers just for you. Today, we have a Tarte eye shadow palette that is a BellaSugar team favorite. If you're looking for a fun, easy way to showcase your eyes, look no further. Watch the video to find out more about Tarte's NeutralEYES Eye Shadow Palette.

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Today we have a great offer for you. It's a Tarte NeutralEYES Eye Shadow Palette. Comes in this great chic packaging. And it comes with a free gift with purchase. Both [xx] clear complexion treatment. This is $44.00, and then you get this for free. Hi, I'm Brandy Malloy. Welcome Welcome to Pop Sugar Shop, where every day, our expert editors are searching for the best beauty, fashion, and fitness products, and when they find something special PopSugar Shop gives exclusive offers just for you. And I've invited Kirby Johnson, our Bella Sugar reporter, to tell me all about it, and then our PopSugar sugar producer Nneka Enurah to demonstrate how great it looks. So ladies let's talk about this fantastic find. Brandi BellaSugar, my entire team we love this palette because it comes with ten full-size shades and a variety of colors but Neutral colors, notice neutral eyes. So creams to highlight, lighter browns for subtle definition. And this is darker colors do a silky eye. Everything you need for your eyes one package. And lets not forget how chic and glamorous this looks. Tarte always has great packaging and I love this because you can take it on the go and no one knows that you're hiding all your beauty essentials. Well, exactly. If you need to touch up, you take it in the bathroom. People think it's just a clutch. You open it up, do what you need to do, and get back. Nobody thinks you're in there adjusting. make up bag. OK, so I'm starting off with this light highlighter just on the brow bone. And the brow bone is great because it allows you to accentuate. You always look refreshed or happy See, nice and glowing, I really like that. Yeah, and if you notice, I'm using the smudge stick - or not the smudge stick, but the smudge part of the brush just to go down. the eyebrow bone. And so my PopSugar shoppers, for $44 you really can do dozens and dozens of looks, but right now we're going to do something that's really great for daytime. But you could also bump it up with that smudge stick and also with the liner. And don't forget, it comes with your own primer so you don't have to buy a separate primer. It already comes with it. And then don't forget: free gift with purchase. You are getting this free. I know Kirby really loves Boshure [sp?] products because they are is made with botanical ingredients. It's perfect for those people who worry about if a product is going to make their skin break out or cause an irritation. Now tell us about the Tart company. I understand. and the founder was like a beauty guru, and she said, "I'm going to make my own makeup". She wanted to make her own because she was sick of products that had fillers in them. So, a lot of Tarte's products are cruelty free. They don't test on animals and they're free of parabens. And, SLS, which is sodium laurel sulfate, which is an irritant in a lot of beauty products, so it's completely free of that. I'm also almost finished with [xx], I'm just adding a little bit of shimmer on her lashline right how that in two seconds we'll see. I know some of these colors are great because you can really use them to accentuate your eye color. We all know that, I know hazel is your favorite because it brings out the green in your eye. Yes, the Shimmering Hazel brings out the brown and the green in my eye, mostly the green. And a lot of people think my eyes are brown and they get a closer look with Shimmering Hazel Ha, you do have some green in there! So, if you want to take a look at Brandy real quick, [xx] Let me see, oh, I love that! Now, the final reveal to you. Oh, I like it! Just a hint color. Yes! You know, not overboard. Nothing too extravagant. Something you could sit at your desk and someone would say, oh her eyes are illuminated but they're not too bright. Oh, that's gorgeous. Yeah, I think it looks great! But that would really look great [xx] Yeah, exactly, let me see your wrist real quick. When I apply that, look how much darker it is on you, but it's still [xx] on your eyes, it'd be great for a nighttime and then, for myself, you know, it's still very subtle. I can still apply it and this would be a great smoky eye for me. You know, it's so funny how how it's different for all of us. This is daytime for her but nighttime for some of us. I could even use this as a liner, just making the brush angle. Exactly. Ladies, thanks so much for being here here. I really had a blast and I know our team stands behind this product. We love it and we know you'll love it too. For $44 you're going to get this Tarte Neutral Eye Shadow Palette. Comes with a primer. Comes with that duo brush, plus the liner, and then a free gift with purchase. Something that you didn't even expect. This is by Boscia. Clear complexion treatment great for everyone's skin tone. Thank you so much for watching. I'm Brandy Loy, and we'll see you next time.

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Tavianna3049413 Tavianna3049413 3 years
Absolutely LOVE the color! I'm always worried about which colors look best on my darker skin and I could definitely see myself purchasing this. 
no2ble no2ble 3 years
love those colors...I am always trying to find really nice neutral colors for work because I am not really one to always put makeup on. But so excited to see some diversity in this shot especially since i'm hispanic truly feel like your catering to me!
spicylatina spicylatina 3 years
I love those colors...I am always trying to find really nice neutral colors for work because I am not really one to always put makeup on. But so excited to see some diversity in this shot especially since i'm hispanic truly feel like your catering to me! 
beksnyc beksnyc 3 years
thanks for adding a black girl. i feel so included!
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