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Product Review: Lush Buffy Body Bar

Buffy Summers is arguably the smartest, strongest, most complex heroine in TV history, and I'm disappointed that we haven't seen anyone come close to her coolness since Buffy went off the air. (Maybe Dollhouse will change that.) But I remember Buffy every time I rub my bottom.

Let me explain. One of Lush's cult products is Buffy ($10.75), an exfoliating and moisturizing bar for use in the shower. You just rub your skin as you would with a bar of soap, but Buffy sloughs away dead skin while leaving a moisturizing layer of cocoa and shea butters behind. It's pretty great, since it effectively cancels out the need to use a body lotion afterward. The only downside is that it can be ever-so-slightly greasy, so you'll need to gently pat, not rub, your skin with a towel. Otherwise, though, it's great if you have scaly, dry skin — or if you just want to relive the days of the Scooby Gang in the shower.


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