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Product Review: Paul & Joe Refreshing Leg Emulsion

Product Review: Paul & Joe Refreshing Leg Emulsion

Last month, Paul & Joe launched a few new nail and body products for Summer 2008. Of the bunch, my favorite product is the Refreshing Leg Emulsion ($30). This citrusy-mint scented lotion is actually formulated with oil to penetrate deep into your skin, however, it dries to a powdery, velvety-soft finish. It's cool — and I mean that literally, because it also contains baby peppermint leaves and elderflower extract to create a cooling effect on your legs.

If you really work it into your skin (as directed), it helps to reduce some of the swelling and inflammation that tends to occur in the heat and humidity of the Summer. In turn, it will also help improve the rate of absorption and your blood circulation.

It goes on super-creamy and has an intense sheen that gives your legs a healthy-looking glow. Within a few moments, you'll feel a slight tingle and a pleasant coolness as the air mixes with the lotion.

This French brand has recently become available in the U.S. You can order it from any of these locations or you can call the Bergdorf Goodman Paul & Joe counter directly at 212-872-2759.

For easy-to-apply, three-step directions on how to give your legs a therapeutic massage using Paul & Joe's Leg Emulsion, read more.

  • STEP 1: Use anywhere from one to two teaspoons of emulsion on each leg. Start at your feet and spread it evenly over your leg using the palm of your hand.
  • STEP 2: Twist your hand from your calves to the front of your leg in upwards motion, all the while applying a good amount of pressure.
  • STEP 3: As a finishing touch, push on the various pressure points in your legs (see the illustration below) and slide your palm from your ankle to your knee in an upwards motion.




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