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Product Review: Urban Decay Lipstick

Product Review: Urban Decay Lipstick

I was so excited to check out some of the new Fall items from Urban Decay. My favorite product to look at is the pale shimmery peach lipstick in Indecent ($22). Too bad that my feelings about the product aren't as positive. Upon opening the dagger-adorned case, I anticipated that this peach goody was going to be my next can't-live-without lipstick. However, once I put it on, my excitement deflated like a punctured helium balloon.

I'm hyper-sensitive to taste and smell and this earned a full demerit in each area. The scent is overly sweet (think Splenda mixed with caramel) and it comes off way too strong. I don't want to seem like I'm contradicting myself, so let me make it clear that it's one thing to have your wash-off body scrub smell like food, it's quite another when the product is under your nose. The taste is doubly disappointing. It has a synthetic and sharp, metallic flavor that completely contradicts the smell.

Also, although I like shimmer, this full-on glitter is over the top. When the creamy lipstick settles, the chunks of glitter remain and make your lips look dry and cracked. I wanted to run out from under the lighting and do an immediate lip scrub — that's how unflattering it was.

What I can say is that the texture is creamy (it gets a star for the silky, smooth texture) and that the packaging is adorable (one more star). For anyone that's interested in the alluring color of these lipsticks, I simply urge you to go for a test-drive before you buy.

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