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Queen Latifah perfume

Queen Latifah Reveals Details on Her Perfume

The celebrity-fragrance train shows no sign of slowing down — but it is making a stop at Latifah City. This August, Queen Latifah's fragrance, appropriately named Queen, will debut at Macy's, Bon-Ton, and Dillard's.

The multi-talented star says she tried more than four dozen scents before settling on the final formulation, which she calls a "warm and sexy" scent. “Queen doesn’t smell like anything else," she told WWD. "That’s what you’re setting out to do — to create something unique. People tend to want to borrow from what’s popular, and me, I try to be a pioneer, a trendsetter.”

For more details, plus a picture of the bottle (it's cute),


Two sizes of eau de parfum, a body lotion, and a body butter will be available at launch. What's more, Queen hinted that this may be just the first step in a burgeoning beauty empire. "We’ve definitely been talking about how to increase brands specifically created by me that would encompass makeup and beauty products,” she told WWD.


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