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Razor Burn Advice

A Quick Tip About Razor Burn

For anyone who has ever nicked themselves shaving or has gotten raised, red razor bumps from shaving, you know it can be uncomfortable (even painful) and remain irritated for days. I learned about an inexpensive and easy fast DIY fix to help reduce redness, inflammation and the pain.

Simply apply a wet tea bag to the area and let it sit for a few minutes. The tea's tannic acid is the active ingredient that should help relieve the symptoms. Tip: Choose a cheapie brand, since it is likely to contain a higher concentration of tannic acid. Just remember to lay a towel down underneath you, as tannic acid stains.

If you're out of tea bags, then try applying a tea tree oil to the area to fight off infection and help soothe the bumps. Aloe vera and hydrocortisone are other topical remedies that help speed up recovery while cooling the skin and controlling the swelling.

For a few helpful shaving tips to help prevent razor burn,


  • Always shave in the same direction as your hair grows. Going "against the grain" can cause razor burn and can lead to ingrown hairs.
  • Use an emollient-rich moisturizing shaving cream, gel or lotion to ensure a smooth shave that will provide steady contact to the skin.
  • Remember to change your razor blade frequently. Using a dull razor can inflame your skin, cause nicks, razor burn and irritation.


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