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Reader Review of the Day: DuWop IcedTeas White Peach Lipstick

Reader Review of the Day: DuWop IcedTeas White Peach Lip Treatment

The brand's Lip Venom and the new Twilight line may get all the attention, but DuWop has a pretty extensive product range, including this White Peach IcedTeas Lipstick ($19). Reader Roxymyworld likes it, and she has some good advice for getting the most out of the product. She says:

This is a bright, kind of pop-shiny lipstick, so it's not going to give you a wet, luscious look, and you have to pat it on and spread it smooth slowly to get it to give you the amount of color you want. It's a nice shade for a night out, though, or if you're going to the dance club with your friends. It has a light, delicious fruit scent. Overall, It's a very nice product. I would recommend it for mid-tan to dark-tan (or around there) skin tones. "

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