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The Milkmaid Braid Is Back With a Twist

Jul 27 2014 - 10:00am

We've seen the ever-popular milkmaid braid make appearances on stars such as Sienna Miller [1], Jennifer Lawrence, and Nicole Richie [2]. And it's easy to see why this hairstyle is a celebrity favorite: you can wear it in Fall [3] or Summer and twist the strands into any variation [4] your heart desires — fishtail, two-strand twist, and more. If you're not feeling the look of braids on top, switch it up and pin them at the nape of your neck. This no-fuss, polished look is even perfect to wear as a wedding [5] chignon. Jason Dougherty of Butterfly Studio Salon broke down the steps for us below.

Source: Butterfly Studio [6]

Step 1

Comb out your hair to get rid of tangles and create a center part from your widow's peak to the nape of the neck. Apply Oribe Gold Lust Hair Oil [7] ($36) to your hair, working the product in.

Source: Butterfly Studio [8]

Step 2

Brush a nickel-sized amount of Shu Uemura's Touch of Gloss [9] ($29) through the roots and crown of your hair to get a sleek finish.

Source: Butterfly Studio [10]

Step 3

Plait hair down to the ends and secure with a small rubberband.

Source: Butterfly Studio [11]

Step 4

Repeat on the other side, so that you have two pigtails.

Source: Butterfly Studio [12]

Step 5

Bring one braid up and secure with bobby pins.

Source: Butterfly Studio [13]

Step 6

Do the same for the other side.

Source: Butterfly Studio [14]

The Final Look

Source: Butterfly Studio [15]

The Final Look

Source: Butterfly Studio [16]

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