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SJP Opens Up About Beauty in Allure

Sarah Jessica Parker is Allure's February cover girl, and the accompanying feature is direct about SJP's appeal among women: Unlike many Hollywood stars, she hasn't done the requisite nose job and related "tweaking" that's so common today. The interview doesn't shy from examining some potentially uncomfortable territory, such as being named the Unsexiest Woman Alive by the jerks at Maxim. In the story, she opens up about being a nontraditional beauty, and I'm curious as to what you'll have to say about her comments.

  • On being named the Unsexiest Woman Alive by Maxim:
    “My instinct was that it felt personal. It was really about ‘We don’t like her.’ Who were the judges and critics? I would like to ask them, ‘What exactly is it that you personally find not sexy about me? Is it my figure? Is it my brain that bothers you?”

  • On men who prefer airbrushed women to real ones:
    “My impression is that what they find sexy doesn’t make them very interesting or unusual or special. That makes them common.”

For quotes on being pressured to change her appearance,


  • On her "unconventional" looks:
    “For so long, I didn’t play the object of attention or affection. It wasn’t until LA Story that anyone cast me in a role that had my sexuality as a point of interest or focus or operation. I just wasn’t examined in the same way that a ‘pretty girl’ would be.”

  • On being asked to change her looks for the industry:
    “There were some not-terribly-veiled conversations. Anything from as silly as plucking my eyebrows to getting my nose fixed. Nothing that stayed in my brain for very long.”

Of course, Sarah Jessica has had huge success as an actress and entrepreneur, but I like the fact that she's getting ever-so-slightly political here. She's right — men who expect women to be flawless are not very special. (And she turns it around, too, mentioning that she likes her men with a little natural body odor.) So, I kinda love her more than ever. You?

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