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Sarah Jessica's Covet Goes Missing From Macy's

Sarah Jessica's Covet Goes Missing From Macy's

Here's a strange development: On Saturday, I went to Macy's to check out some fragrances. All of the celebrity scents were in one kiosk, and Sarah Jessica Parker's Lovely was among the most prominent — but where was her newer scent, Covet? Last year there was a ton of buzz (and one odd commercial) for Covet, but the green-tinted bottle was nowhere to be found. Instead, it had been replaced by Covet Pure Bloom, a more floral take in much more attractive lavender packaging.

In the fragrance biz, these sister scents are called flankers, but it's unusual to have one without the original. After asking around and doing a little sleuthing, I found out that the original Covet is no longer carried at Macy's (or at Nordstrom, for that matter). It's not completely surprising; it's a riskier scent than SJP's Lovely, and although I like it, it might not translate well for everyone. But if you love Covet, don't despair; the scent isn't being discontinued, and you can shop online. Better yet, take a peek at TJ Maxx or Marshall's, the latter of which was selling Covet for as little as $24.99. Between this perfume letdown, the end of her Bitten line, and the cheating rumors, SJP isn't exactly having the best summer — but at least that genderless fragrance she's working on is a bright spot.


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