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Sassoon Salon Brings the Olympics Into Your Hairstyle

Jul 3 2012 - 11:22am

If you thought that the Olympics couldn't affect hair this season, think again. Sassoon Salon has just released Athletica [1], its latest hair creation that was inspired by the upcoming games in London. Drawing inspiration from the athletes who take the field every four years, Sassoon creative directors Mark Hayes and Bruce Masefield focused on creating athletic cuts that had a lot of movement. "The Olympics always brings into focus the relationship between sports and hair," says Hayes.

On the color end, color directors Peter Dawson and Edward Darley chose metallic tones of gold, silver, and bronze to match those iconic medals. To get a taste of the Olympic games before they hit your TV screen, keep reading.

Weightless Wonder

Athletica features cuts that are not overstyled or weighed down with product. Creative director Mark Hayes stressed the importance of fluidity of movement in the styles.

Heavy Medals

The color scheme was inspired by the Olympic medals. This bronze tone with shocks of fiery red is one of the more standout looks.

Blond Ambition

Silver is another color that gets a lot of play in Athletica, with hues ranging from soft gray to violet.

Rings of Glory

"The colors are placed in concentric circles and form stacks up the hair," color director Edward Darley says. These circular stacks are meant to resemble the interlocking Olympic rings.

Leaps and Bounds

Frayed, curved edges give the hair an athletic look. Creative director Bruce Masefield wanted the styles to resemble what an athlete's hair would look like after they completed their event.

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