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10 Ways to Smell Amazing For Valentine's Day Without Using Perfume

Feb 10 2016 - 3:00am

Perfume is for amateurs. Yeah, we said it. If you really want to enhance your personal sensual allure [1], you're going to need to invest in products what will give you an intoxicating fragrance from head to tips (and by that we mean nails [2]). So we've rounded up some of our favorite — and even unexpected — scented beauty products so you can prep for that big Valentine's Day date.

Physicans Formula Va Va Voom Volume Mascara

Having a full flutter for date night is essential — how else are we expected to effectively bat our eyelashes? But what makes Physicans Formula Va Va Voom Volume Mascara [3] ($10) stand out is it’s scent of vanilla and “pheromone-mimicking ingredients,” including cocoa extract and an ancient aphrodisiac called Horny Goatweed. Get it, girls!

Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum

Instead of layering on heavy moisturizer to combat dry, Winter skin, try a light, yet superhydrating face oil. Not only does Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum [4] ($24) contain a medley of oils (argan, jojoba, sweet orange, apricot, and rose hip), but it smells the part, too. Don’t blame us if you find your date leaning in to get a whiff of the delicious apricot garden fragrance.

Diptyque Smoothing Body Polish

Enjoy an aromatic shower experience when scrubbing on Diptyque’s Smoothing Body Polish [5] ($70). The gel-like formula softens your skin so well that you may not even need to use moisturizer after — plus, you won’t want to mask the scent — it's lightly floral and slightly almond with notes of jasmine.

Vincent Longo Lipstain SPF 15 Lipstick

Vincent Longo Lipstain SPF 15 Lipstick [6] ($23) is a triple threat that offers long-lasting lip color, sun protection, and a hint of vanilla fragrance. No breath mint? No problem. You’ll taste like dessert.

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Enamel

Usually lacquers smell like chemicals, but upon drying, Revlon Parfumerie Nail Enamel in China Flower [7] ($5) has a floral, rosy fragrance that will definitely encourage you to talk with your hands.

Caudalie Divine Oil

We could swear this formula smells like a date by the fire, a bonfire on the beach, or snuggling under a warm cozy blanket. What Caudalie Divine Oil [8] ($49) actually is fragranced with is a blend of grapefruit, Bulgarian and Moroccan rose, pink pepper, vanilla, cedar, and white musk.

Dove GoSleeveless Deodorant in Soothing Chamomile

Going out dancing? Feel confident raising your arms (in a slinky dress, no less) if you wear Dove GoSleeveless Deodorant in Soothing Chamomile [9] ($5). Not only does it soothe underarms with vitamins E and F, but it also has a spa-ready chamomile scent.

Masaki Matsushima Chocolate Mat Body Lotion

Before you get in between the sheets, make sure your entire body feel silky and smells divine by layering on an indulgent body lotion. Masaki Matsushima Chocolate Mat Body Lotion [10] ($35) is scented like deliciously indulgent dark chocolate, but also features notes of grapefruit and sandalwood for a chic (not cloying!) aroma.

Number 4 Hydrate Shampoo and Conditioner

Part of the allure of Parisian women is their scent, which is exactly why you should try French hair care brand Number 4’s Hydrate Shampoo [11] ($34) and Conditioner [12] ($36). The moisturizing, sulfate-free duo was inspired by a chichi summer pool party and has notes of ylang orchid, jasmine, vetiver, and patchouli.

Elemis Spa Treat Your Feet Foot Cream

Plan on playing footsie? Getting a below-the-calves massage? Well, make sure your feet don’t smell like they’ve been stuck in boots by lathering on Elemis Spa Treat Your Feet Foot Cream [13] ($34). It will cool and soothe your tired soles while making your tootsies smell of patchouli, eucalyptus, and lemon oils.

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