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Semipermanent Eyebrow Tattoos

Big, Beautiful Eyebrows From Scratch — Literally

Big, full brows are in, and at SoHo's Browhaus, you can get the look in just 90 minutes, but in a more unconventional kind of way. As part of the salon's signature Brow Resurrection service, highly trained technicians use special tools to scratch natural-looking strands onto the skin's surface. It all sounds rather painful, but the company promises the ouch factor is quite minimal.

During the service, a staff member works with the client to first analyze the facial structure and determine a brow shape and color. Once the perfect brow is agreed upon, the technician draws on the shape, numbs the skin with a cream, and then etches on lifelike "hairs" using 100 percent vegetable dye. It's a steep price at $925, but the veggie brows are meant to last for two years, providing a less permanent (and less painful) alternative tattooing. If money was no object, would you try the Brow Resurrection?

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