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How to Get Rid of Nipple Hair and Other Breast-Related Beauty Issues

May 31 2016 - 4:00am

Boobs — half the world's got 'em, the other half can't stop staring at them. But what men don't know about breasts is all the trouble they cause. We're not talking about back pain and breastfeeding. Nope, it's the nipple hair and chest acne that seem to get worse this time of year. As a part of our bikini prep series, we've already talked about thighs [1], bums [2], and underarms [3]. And now, we're taking a moment to solve your bust issues. Every year, Sports Illustrated pays homage to this area, too, so we know we're on the right track!

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Breast sweat: no one is talking about it, but we all suffer from it (and it's not just at the gym). If your breasts hang low, then the area underneath your girls is likely to get sweaty. That perspiration could cause rashes and irritation if you're not careful. Apply a spray deodorant or baby powder before putting on your bra to help with it. They also make these handy bra liners [5], which are like pantyliners for your breasts — how clever!

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Sagging/Stretch Marks

As we age or fluctuate in weight, stretch marks tend to pop up in the most unusual places. To tighten up sagging breasts, steal a product from the mommy aisle. A pick like Mustela's Intensive Stretch Mark Cream [7] ($42) will help tone the area with collagen-inducing ingredients. The alternative: try some bust-lifting exercises [8].

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When you apply sunscreen, don't forget that area under your bathing suit top or just above your T-shirt neckline. Melanoma on the neck is more likely to be fatal [10] than other places of the body. If the peeling on your chest isn't due to sun exposure, amp up your exfoliating routine. Try using your face peel on your neck and décolletage to get rid of excess dead skin.

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A red, splotchy chest could be caused by many different things — acne, rosacea, and sunburn are just a few. If your flush can be directly linked to your emotions or alcohol, consider rosacea to be a potential culprit. Flare-ups can be caused by too much sun exposure, certain spicy foods, and even caffeine. The first thing you should do to calm any redness on your chest is look to your clothing. The textures could be irritating the area. Next, check out your beauty regimen. Swap any harsh exfoliants for calming oatmeal-packed moisturizers.

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After face and back, your chest is the most common place that breakouts strike. Whiteheads especially like to pop up between the bosoms. To get rid of acne in this area, you first want to look at your workout routine.

If you frequent the gym but wait to take showers until you get home, your sweaty spandex tank can clog your pores. Next time, go for looser clothing and always pack salicylic wipes to cleanse your chest, back, and face after a sweat session. We like Clearasil RapidClear On-the-Go Wipes [13] ($9). But the best option is to take a shower ASAP to rid yourself of all that pimple-producing grime.

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Nipple Hair

When your parents gave you the puberty rundown, we bet they skipped the portion on nipple hair. A few errant follicles on the breasts isn't unusual. Getting rid of these strands can be complicated because it's such a sensitive area. Plucking is a popular method, trimming is also an option, and professional waxing is definitely available for such situations. If you have the cash to spend, electrolysis is a permanent hair-removal method. Just avoid shaving and depilatory creams, which could cause irritation and negatively affect your mammary glands.

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Dark Spots

Discoloration and bumps on the bust can cause you to avoid those plunging tops this Summer, but a little makeup can help mask any darkness. First, turn to a gradual self-tanner like Jergens BB Body [16] ($10) to hide tiny imperfections.

If you're looking to add oomph to your cleavage, master this contouring trick. Apply bronzer on each side of the neck and underneath the collarbone. Also trail bronzer between your breasts. It's an instant chest lift!

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Unfortunately, we've run all out of boobie tricks for this issue. It's totally normal for one breast to be bigger than the other. Try out a silicone bra pad [18] in the smaller cup. It's the grown woman's version of teenage tissue stuffing.

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