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Spring and Summer Nail Trends 2012

Discover This Season's Hottest Nail Trends

When it comes to red-carpet looks, like the ones we saw at the recent Cannes Film Festival, it's not all just about hair and makeup. L'Oréal Paris celebrity manicurist Tom Bachik gives insight into how nails come into play, as well. He also shares his advice on obtaining the season's biggest nail trends, from shape to color to style. Check it all out in our video now.

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Hi, this is Allie Merriam and we're here at the Cannes Film Festival. I'm in the middle of L'Oreal's Nail Bar at the Hotel Martinez, where we met up with Tom Bachik to tell us all about the great Spring nail trends you need to know. So when you're working with a celebrity client, how do you come to arrive at a nail look? Well, usually, it's combined collaboration, so we'll work with the stylist on what the gown is. Obviously we'll talk with the celebrity and get kind of an idea of the direction they want to go, but they're really looking to us as the experts to give them the proper look. And then working with makeup to determine how I wanna play on the nails. You know, is she going with a very strong eye and is there a color and we wanna go matchy-matchy? Or are they doing a very beautiful eye and a lip and we want to either match or contrast that. And, at what point does the dress come into play? Is that a big factor when you're deciding how to go with nails? Absolutely, because I think the dress is kind of the feature. And then, so how do we accent that? We're obviously here at Cannes, so this is the epitome of glamour. Is there anything you think that really signifies a Cannes look for nails? Retro, in the sense of very simple. So, very classic glamour. And so nails are like a full coverage nudes or the new french manicure is a full coverage nude. A take on that would be a very tonal metallic tone. We 're coming into summer. Are there any colors for nails that you think are really on trend right now? Three colors really come to mind. A sea foam, teal, turquoise greens, as well as orange or pinky-orange like coral type colors, and then definitely like a fuchsia, a hot pink, those three areas seem to be the hot colors. And what about nail shapes for summer? We've been a little bit longer, a little bit more square shape for so long that with spring and summer we're getting much more active. So nail length comes down a bit and then shape is getting much more classic, much more elegant, and we're going with a nice soft oval even like a 20-30s almond shape is becoming very popular. Okay, well, thank you so much. Thank you, it's been a pleasure.

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