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Thierry Mugler Angel Perfume Body Lotion and Body Products

Angel the Fragrance Has a (Perfume) Posse

Even if you don't think you know Thierry Mugler's famous fragrance, Angel, you would probably recognize it. Launched in 1992, the scent is a perennial best-seller in both France and the United States. It's a honey-vanilla-chocolate confection — after all, it did launch the gourmand genre — and it's definitely a classic.

But every classic needs an update now and then, and Angel's no exception. Naomi Watts, who's fabulous at forty, appears in a new ad campaign to promote a line of new Angel body products. "Bella, you crazy," you might be thinking. "Angel already has body lotions and what-not." Touché. But the new ones have been tweaked, and in a sense, completely redone to make the perfume longer lasting. Having sniffed how well the Perfuming Body Cream ($80) held up through multiple hand washings, I can tell you that the scents do last a long time without fading or mutating. Is it too punny to say that this is heaven for Angel fans?

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