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10 Beauty Things Only Redheads Will Understand

Nov 26 2016 - 3:00pm

So you have red hair, do you? Awesome — so do I. It's great, isn't it? You stand out in a sea of blondes and brunettes, which means you're way easier to find in a crowd. (You're welcome, friends.) As redheads, we tend to have a unique perspective on the world. Let's bask in our redheadedness together, with these 10 things that only our select crew really knows.

The Sun Is Our Mortal Enemy

You know how they say you need a whole shot glass of sunscreen for your body? Try like three. SPF 50, or get out of my face.

We Kind of Worry About Redhead Fetishists

Don't even try to tell us they're not out there, because we know they are.

"Ginger" Is Kind of a Derogatory Term

We do too have souls [1], you guys.

We Know It's Our Most Memorable Feature

OK, maybe it's second to our sassiness.

We're Kind of Embarrassed About Lindsay Lohan

Sorry, girl; just get your business together.

People Literally Ask You If the Curtain Matches the Drapes

Why do people think this is OK? It's so not OK!

Red Hair Totally Affects Our Wardrobe and Makeup Choices

WHAT IF WE JUST WANT TO WEAR THE HOTTEST LIP TRENDS? Nope; red hair clashes with more shades than you'd expect.

We Don't All Want to Marry Prince Harry or Ron From Harry Potter

Would you want to hook up with someone who looks like your brother? Ick.

Upkeep Is an Everyday Endeavor

But, hey, we have it a lot easier than bottle blondes. Oh, this is the part when I admit I'm a fake redhead. It's been years; get over it. This brings me to my next point . . .

We Can't Dry Our Hair With a White Towel

. . . Unless we're cool with our bathrooms looking like crime scenes. This is especially true within a week of going to the salon.

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