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Three Tips For Going Glittery

I'm dazzled by these new sparkly shades from rescue beauty lounge . . . and smiling at the clever names. Locavore blends earth-friendly hues of green and blue with metallics, Frugalista blasts out with gunmetal specks in a rich purple, and Look Rich, Be Cheap is a gold polish with purple flecks.

As posh as the products are, applying glittery polish can be tough. Check out my tips for a smooth sparkle when you


  • Polish prep. Start with a layer of clear (or complementary colored) polish on top of a base coat. This additional layer keeps nails smooth and helps hold glitter in place.
  • Seal the sparkle. If you find fault with the gritty feel, seal in the glitter with a powerful top coat like Seche Vite that allows the top coat to penetrate to the base and lock it all in.
  • Clean and clear off. Use swabs to take off polish, as glitter is typically harder to remove – it can scrape your nails if you're not careful. Cotton helps pick up the bits while the color rubs off smoothly.
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