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Tuesday Giveaway! GoSMILE Advanced Formula B1 Tooth Whitening on the Go

Jul 9 2007 - 11:30pm

Do you, like us, obsessively inspect your skin in the mirror, and at the site of a new blemish, wrinkle,or age spot, lament, "Why? Why me?" Sephora [1] is here to tell you exactly that. From the "whys" to the "hows" to the "what-ifs," they're answering all of your frequently asked questions—even those you're embarassed to ask. Even better, every day we're giving away one product to help you implement their expertise. Congratulations to Redsugar [2], who won yesterday's giveaway for a L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream [2].

Today's question: Is there an easy way to whiten my teeth?

The answer: Yes, and you won't believe how easy it is.GoSmile Advanced Formula B1 Tooth Whitening on the Go [3] is ingeniously simple. Each ampoule contains a safe, gently whitening agent that lightens and brightens teeth. Just toss one in your purse, rub it on your teeth, and you'll get a brighter, white smile on the run.

To enter today's giveaway for this whitening kit, leave a comment in the comments section below by 5 p.m. PDT / 8 p.m. EDT Tuesday, July 10, and we'll announce the winner tomorrow when we post the next giveaway. Please, only ONE comment per person; duplicate comments will be discarded, so commenting more than once won't up your chances of winning. You must be a TeamSugar member to comment, so if you're not a member, please register here [4] for an account. For all of the rules and regulations, click here [5].

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