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Tyra Banks: I Don't Have to Shave My Legs

Many women would say that shaving their legs is their least favorite beauty task, but for Tyra Banks, there's no need to bother with the the razors-and-shaving-cream rigmarole in the first place. Tyra explains to Life & Style, "I don't have to shave my legs," adding, "The hair is so faint, you don't even see it." Not all of us are as lucky as Tyra (although what law ever said anyone had to shave their legs, anyway?), who admits there have been times she actually has whipped out the razor. "I used to shave my legs for the Victoria's Secret fashion show . . . and the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue shoot," she quips. Look for Life & Style out on newsstands Friday nationwide, and tell us: if you have fine or light-toned hair, do you forgo shaving, too?

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LittleMinnow LittleMinnow 4 years
Why do it...if you really wish you didn't have to?
LittleMinnow LittleMinnow 4 years
I'm really lucky, I don't have to shave at all, and no one does. Well... I'm really not lucky, I'm just proud of the real feminine me, and I don't give a F*** if people don't like my hairy pits, legs, or my bush.
tichrissie tichrissie 4 years
My mom is one of those lucky people that has never had to shave. Well unfortunately, I do :(
Oolala Oolala 4 years
I too have been lucky enough to get away with shaving only every once in a while like Tyra does. During the winter when I'm wearing more tights, leggings, and jeans, I almost never shave; the hair on my legs and arms is so faintly colored and very soft, I never look or feel prickly. Over the summer, though, I still shave when sporting shorter styles and bathing suits. I guess it really is just a cultural thing in my case. I've grown up thinking and generally feeling like I am more beautiful or 'put together' after grooming even where it's not quite necessary. I've never looked down on any woman who chooses not to shave: legs, arm pits, or privates--we're all bombshells in our own unique ways, so to each our own! Whatever makes us feel like we're at our best, right? :)
Joj0lly Joj0lly 4 years
I wax my legs from time to time, but I'm not scared of a lil hair once in a while. It's only natural! :)
postmodernsleaze postmodernsleaze 4 years
I'm pale with nearly black hair, so I have to shave. I wish I didn't!
GummiBears GummiBears 4 years
I barely shave my legs as it is. I wear long skirts and pants and the sparse leg hair I do have is limited below the knee.
Mr.-King-Calvin-Coleman-4239 Mr.-King-Calvin-Coleman-4239 4 years
I think I'm gonna agree with Ms. Tyra Banks on this one because... I haven't shave my legs in 10 years. you go tyra!.
Jaime-Richards Jaime-Richards 4 years
Oh wow, that must have been some learning curve, ameerah26!
ameerah26 ameerah26 4 years
My Mom has never had to shave her legs. She has no hair on her legs to speak of. I on the other start to resemble Sasquatch after two days of no shaving! I had to teach myself how to shave as my Mom had no idea how to do it!
bryseana bryseana 4 years
I have to shave. My skin is really pale and I have dark hair. If I had the opposite like Tyra, I would still shave for the smooth feel.
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