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Unabashed Blushes: Handle With Care

I know that a natural flush is the most highly coveted look, especially this Spring, so I'm puzzled by a couple of very brazen blushes I've recently discovered. Seriously, only an expert should be toying with these bright colors. If you dare to apply a smidgen too much of these shades on your cheeks, you are going to wind up channeling Raggedy Ann. There are a lot of looks I can tolerate, but bright 80's streaked cheeks isn't one of them. What are your thoughts on these unabashedly bright blushes? How would you use them?

This Powder Blush by Terry in Rose Faience ($55) is a not only a compact of magenta madness but it's also got some shimmer in it. Do not attempt to apply this at home! It was created to impart a healthy glow to your skin, but I think they are a season too early. It even says on the description: "Used professionally, it allows you to sculpt and enhance the curve of the cheekbones." They're even telling you not to play if you're just a plebe!

For one more unabashed blush,

Usually, NARS can do no wrong, but this Creme Blush in Turkish Red proves that there is an exception to every rule! This color is just too over-the-top for my liking. They claim that it's sheer and fool-proof, but is anyone out there willing to spend $23 to test that theory?

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