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Uses For Botox

Botox: What Can You Actually Use It For?

It seems like every time I turn around, the FDA is approving another use for Botox, and some doctor in Hollywood is finding yet another off-brand thing to do with it, scary as that is. The number of uses for the stuff has gotten so mind-boggling that I still have a hard time wrapping my head around a lot of them. Can you guess which of these Botox uses is real, and which one is as fake as a pair of implants? Take my quiz and find out!

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Breast augmentation

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Conivpraxia (the inability to wink)

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Chronic sneezing

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Stinky feet

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weniamrdy weniamrdy 7 years
weniamrdy weniamrdy 7 years
D-Lee D-Lee 7 years
5/5 Botox rox!
D-Lee D-Lee 7 years
5/5 Botox rox!
Sherellj Sherellj 7 years
Sherellj Sherellj 7 years
Lori-Gragg Lori-Gragg 7 years
I guess people that have more money than they know what to do with it don't mind a little poison,it's really disturbing.
bloodyroses bloodyroses 7 years
the only one i got right was the sweating one. but main...boob jab?! that sounds SCARY.
mamasitamalita mamasitamalita 7 years
Bella, I agree, its so creepy the widespread usage.... its POISON injected into your body. ughhh it just skeeves me out.
Beauty Beauty 7 years
When I was researching this, I actually had a hard time finding things Botox isn't being used for, honestly. There's even an actress I read about who uses it to atrophy her leg muscles so her calves and thighs look thinner, which really creeps me out.
ltaber ltaber 7 years
I have a friend who gets botox in her head which helps with her debilitating migraines! Insurance even covers it for her
BeamerCG BeamerCG 7 years
Wow, I was so wrong on all of those.
EvieJ EvieJ 7 years
3/5. I was hoping it could be used for chronic sneezing as I was going to get it done.
bellaressa bellaressa 7 years
5 out of 5. Weird.
bellaressa bellaressa 7 years
5 out of 5. Weird.
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