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Using Bergamot as a Deodorant

Try Bergamot on Your Pits

One of my friends is a true follower of all things natural. Food? All organic and local. Clothing? Either recycled or handsewn. Beauty? When it comes to products, nothing of the paraben/synthetic nature remotely touches her body.

So, when I saw her splash a little bergamot oil on her pits one day, I was intrigued. "It's a natural deodorizer," she said. I gave it a whirl. With surprising results, I was practically stink-free. From what I could tell, my underarms smelled rather nice — well, like citrus. She also recommended I dab on a little baking soda if I ever felt a little drippy.

Like playing mad scientist? You can always mix up your own custom scent. Try Aura Cacia Bergamot Essential Oil ($13.59) paired with a complementary aroma such as sandalwood, nutmeg, vetiver, geranium, lavender, lemon, neroli, or ylang ylang.


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