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Victoria's Secret Introduces New Beauty Rush Items

Victoria's Secret Introduces New Beauty Rush Items

Victoria's Secret has just launched new products within its Beauty Rush collection. The additions are six shades of Liquid Glitter Eye Liners ($7) and six Body Whip Moisture Creams ($12), both of which are expected to hit stores any day now.

Typically, the Beauty Rush products remind me of teenagey treats that are so saccharine, it's hard to imagine applying them to your body. To my disappointment, the Body Whips fall into this category. I've tested out Appletini — and don't get me wrong, it's a lot of fun to apply since it shoots right out just like whipped cream — but the fragrance is much too intense, the texture is sticky, and I would be petrified wearing this in warm weather for fear of getting attacked by bees!

I am, however, a big fan of the rich and vibrant eyeliners. They contain a thin-tipped brush that makes application a cinch. You have a fair amount of time to blend or smudge them before they dry, and the best part of all is that they are fragrance free.

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For more details about each of the new items, read more.

Body Whip Moisture Creams

  • Candy, Baby is a super-sweet, cotton-candy scent.
  • Juiced Berry is a new crushed-berry fragrance.
  • Slice of Heaven smells just like sweet vanilla cake.
  • Appletini is tart and very sweet.
  • Strawberry Fizz is a sugary strawberry indulgence.
  • Grapesicle is a tangy grape scent (which I think is the mildest of the bunch).

Beauty Rush Liquid Glitter Liner

  • Liquid Metal is a deep charcoal gray.
  • Teal Zeal is a shimmery hot green.
  • Platinumania is a shiny silver shade.
  • Plumburst is a deep purple with silvery specks.
  • Gold Crush is a bright, bold gold.
  • Copperhot is a dazzling rich medium brown.

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