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14 Vintage Beauty Etsy Finds You Didn't Know Existed

Sep 6 2014 - 9:00am

When we think of the '50s and '60s, we picture timeless beauties like Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn. These women continue to inspire the beauty and fashion industry with their hair, makeup, and impeccable fashion sense [1]. Even after all these decades, celebrities still want that Old Hollywood look at red carpet events.

To celebrate these glamorous ladies and their style, we wanted to know about the vintage beauty items still out there today. Although we can't ask Sophia or Audrey [2] what their favorite products were, we can get a glimpse of the beautiful (and unusual) beauty tools that existed back then. The best part? You can buy them right off Etsy.

Source: Etsy [3]

1950s Hollywood Wings

If you're wondering how Audrey Hepburn or Brigitte Bardot always had seemingly flawless skin, it might be because of "smoothies." A box of these beauties [4] ($18) promises to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. If your modern-day wrinkle creams are not working, maybe it's time to go old-school.

1960s Hair-Do Protector and Makeup Mask

These never-used vintage boudoir [5] items are $14 and made of nylon and cotton. This pink bonnet is more
stylish than your regular shower cap, and it will protect your hair against all elements. The makeup mask (if you don't want to wear it over your face) even doubles as a bag for your other beauty essentials.

1960s Lipstick Holder

Nothing screams old glamour like a Mad Men-like lipstick holder. This two-piece gold-tone metal [6] ($10) not only protects your tube of lipstick, but it will also give you style credit for looking chic.

1950s Face Powder Compact

Fans of florals should grab this '50s compact [7] for $34. Slide in your own powder, and you'll be reminiscing about the era during your touch-ups.

1940s Japanese Brush Set

The hand-wrapped bamboo handles make this item authentic and unique. Relive old Japanese beauty culture by brushing on your powders with one of these soft and fluffy tools [8] ($14).

1950s Home Permanent Curlers

Although this hair helper is not usable (it's missing the hair solution), it's the perfect collectible and conversation starter. Just ask your grandmother if she's ever ordered one of these
magic curler kits [9] ($5).

1950s-1960s Powder Compact

If you're looking for a powder compact that no one else will have, this
English-made compact [10] ($43) is a steal. The golden treasure even comes with a lipstick tube.

1920s Vintage Nail Boards

What we know as nail files were formerly referred to as nail boards [11]. For $6, you can add this to your vanity table as a statement piece.

Vintage Hairpin

It's all about the milk glass settings on this
hair piece [12] ($5). Clip your hair out of your face with the retro bobby pin or pair it with a fishtail braid for the ultimate laid-back look.

1960s Invisible Hairnets

Get some of that '60s swagger by rocking one of these invisible hairnets [13] ($5). The package still contains an original inventory sticker from Target! And one thing is for certain, the retailer doesn't sell this hair tool anymore.

1950s-1960s Vanity Items

Straight from someone's beauty shelf, the talcum powder tin and Victory hairpins are as vintage as vintage gets. The two items [14] can be bought for $12, and while you may not use the powder or pins, they make great collector's items.

1960s Hairnets

These hairnets [15] ($9) feature bright, cheeky packaging. The envelopes come in three different colors and were manufactured in Germany. Consider this the perfect gift for your jet-setter aunt.

1950s Multipurpose Compact Purse

We love how this gilded purse [16] ($40) opens on two sides, giving you ample space to stash some makeup goodies. It even has a spot to hold your cigarettes and lipstick tube. The bag also works as a great vanity item.

1955 Ivory Soap Ad

Frame this vintage beauty ad [17] ($8) for your wall, or hang it above your vanity to give you a daily dose of beauty — no products required.

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