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Waitresses Who Wear Makeup Get Better Tips . . . From Men

Back when I was a waitress for a nanosecond, we were encouraged to touch our customers to make a connection with them. Nothing perverse, of course, just a little tap on the arm or shoulder now and then, in an effort to obtain better tips. Interestingly, in a recent study published by the International Journal of Hospitality Management, researchers confirmed another method for waitresses to up their tips — wearing makeup.

But there's a catch: it wasn't women customers who actually tipped at higher rates, it was men, who doled out 25 percent more to these cosmetics-donning servers. Sexist? You might say. Psychologist Ingrid Collins told the Daily Mail, "The object of make-up is to enhance the features, making the eyes bigger and the mouth fuller, much like the proportions of a baby’s face. Women look more vulnerable but alternatively the enlargement of the lips suggests sexual availability and arousal." She went on to add, "It makes men feel they need to be masculine and tipping, providing for this need, does that rather well." What do you have to say about this phenomenon?


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