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WentzPentz: Pete Wentz's eyeliner collection

Beauty Byte: Pete Wentz to Launch Makeup Line

Who would have thought that emo heartthrob Pete Wentz would become such a beauty-industry mogul? He's already announced his plan to open a salon in Chicago, and now the king of guyliner is branching out into cosmetics. He's about to launch a collection of five vegan, punk-themed pencil eyeliners called WentzPentz. Pete said:

"Fall Out Boy has always been known for its pop hooks and good looks, and like David Bowie before me, I am known for my displays of cosmetic derring-do. For too long, I've been keeping my eyeliner know-how to myself. Now, with the debut of WentzPentz, guys — and girls — everywhere will be able to have a piece of the Fall Out Boy lifestyle."

Sold individually, WentzPentz eyeliners will retail for $3.99 each at Hot Topic. They'll be available in five shades, each inspired by Pete's childhood in the Chicago area:

  • Green-Eyed Sidekick
  • Fireside Bowl
  • By the Power of Grayskull
  • Let's Take the Brown Line to Wellington
  • Blue Line, Next Stop: Damen

In addition, Pete plans to partner with Ken Paves to design his own line of clip-on hair extensions for men. "Jess [Simpson] has had great success with hers," he said. "I hope to get Hair Dude up and running by late 2008."

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