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What Do You Do About Co-Workers' Strong Perfume?

What Do You Do About Co-Workers' Strong Perfume?

Have you ever had to work with someone who practically bathes in perfume? Me too, but I never thought about calling a lawyer about it. Not so for Susan McBride, a worker for the city of Detroit. She filed a lawsuit because her co-worker's perfume made it difficult for her to breathe. Her lawyer settled the case out of court, and yes, there's money involved.

While I probably wouldn't get all Matlock about something like this, I've had to work with people who wear strong perfume, and it isn't fun. Most of the time, I suck it up until I can't breathe, and then I feel like a jerk when I gently explain that I have a very sensitive nose (true!), yada yada. When this happens to you, what do you do?

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