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What Are Facial Oils?

Why You'll Find Plenty to Love in Facial Oils

Oils get a bad rap when it comes to putting them on the face, but really, there's nothing to be afraid of. In fact, embracing facial oils will lead to supple, dewy skin that stays hydrated throughout the day — which is perfect for dry Winter weather. For those still a little leery of the oil-to-face movement, here's an explanation of why you'll love them (plus, check out three to try).

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If you haven't already embraced facial oils get ready, because they're gonna be your new best friend. Now I know this kinda sounds scary, but facial oils don't make your face oily and they won't make break out. In fact, they'll give you a dewy glow. I'm gonna show you how to apply these later, but let's start with some you're sure to love. Hill's night recovery concentrate gets rid dull, dry skin and it leaves your complexion radiant the morning. It even has evening primrose oil in it, which is a great moisturizer and evens out texture. And P.S., oils are great for the night because that's when your skin is most dehydrated. If you're a little weary of using a facial oil, I say start with this one. It's great for skin prone to breakouts, because [xx] oil is a natural toner and the oil's easily absorbed into the skin. Plus, the amazing Jasmine scent is great right before bed. Lastly, this oil by doctor is made with vitamin D which is topically absorbed. So it's great for winter or for anyone trying their best to stay out of the sun. It also helps smooth fine lines and reduce hyper Applying oils is super simple. All you have to do is apply three to five drops to the palm of your hand, then using the pads of your fingers apply to your T-zone in circular motion working outward. See, not scary at all. And unlike moisturizers, the oil lasts all day which is great if you don't have time to go home and freshen up between work and a night out. I'm Kirby, and thanks for watching Bella Sugar TV.

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