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What's the Longest You've Gone Without a Haircut?

What's the Longest You've Gone Without a Haircut?

When it comes to getting a haircut, undoubtedly your stylist will tell you to return in anywhere from four to eight weeks, depending on your hair's length, style, and texture. Probably the longest I've gone in between cuts was about eight months or so, and that's when I was in college and practically penniless. Now, although it's a bit of a stretch to my wallet, I try to go about every six to eight weeks to keep my style in shape. My sister, on the other hand, makes her haircutting time a once-a-year kind of deal, thanks to her signature long, slightly layered style. Color (uh, cut) me jealous. What about you? What's the longest you've gone between haircutting appointments?

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