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What to Pack in a Carry-On Bag

How to Step Off the Plane Looking Fresh

Traveling on a plane can leave you feeling tired, dirty, and dehydrated — which is nobody's idea of fun. If you want to step off the plane looking and feeling your best, stash these purse-sized beauty necessities in your carry-on bag. The next time you fly (perhaps over the holidays?), you'll alight and be positively glowing.

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Hey, it's Kirbie. And today in our beauty round-up, we're talking about how to get fresh face for your flight. So, the plane isn't the place to scrimp on your beauty routine. In fact, it's where you should boost your regimen, so today I'm going to show you how with our travel-friendly must-haves. High altitudes can suck in moisture right out of your skin. So pre-fly, hydrate with your lotion a little more rich than your daily moisturizer. I really like this one from Mario Badescu. It's actually call the in-flight cream. And, it's going to leave your skin looking supple and hydrated, not dry when you land. So, if you open it up, it's a pretty pink and while it's very rich and creamy, it 's not thick, so you can easily spread it on your skin. I'm just gonna show you, it blends right in and it leaves your complexion looking glowing and silky soft which is the best part anywhere between 11 pm and 3 am your skin is loosing a lot of moisture. So, night creams are also great for those really drying flight. If you hate that grungy, just got off the plane feeling, instantly pep up your complexion with a hydrating mix, like this one from Juice Beauty, whether you're wearing makeup or going natural. Now, anti-oxidants are important when you're in flight because they help fight off free radicals which are basically things in the environment that are bad for your skin. And Juice Beauty has plenty of them like the juice from red and white grapes. It also has rose hip oil and aloe vera which is very soothing and refreshing for your skin. And I like applying it over my makeup 'cause it instantly just kind of resets it. So this is a travel size from Juice Beauty and it actually comes in a kit, so what I recommend doing is buying a full size bottle and it is refilling a smaller travel-size bottle from the drugstore, like this one, so you can take it with you wherever you go. One beauty ritual that you should take with you before and after the flight is removing any make-up with a hydrating cloth so, one thing that I like to do is look for cloths that have very little alcohol in them. Tons of beauty products have alcohol and it can be extremely drying to your skin which is something you don't need for a flight. And these baste cucumbers are soothing. They're hypoallergenic which is great if you have sensitive skin and it's gonna easily remove any kind of makeup, dirt or oil that you have on your face. So, even at the travel size, a little package. It's actually really cute. Just stick it in your purse. But, there a pretty good size. It's gonna fit your face, they kind of expand. I'm just gonna actually demonstrate right here. This is gonna help cleanse, there's some dirt on my hand and I'm not even in an airplane, so you can imagine how much that's going to be magnified when you flying in an airplane at a high elevation with a ton of other people around you. So, this is really great if you are meeting someone at the airport to pick you up because you'll have a clean palate to apply makeup with in the bathroom. I know many of us like to pass out on the plane and let our hair down but an easy post by hairstyle is to pack some bobby pins and keep your hydrating mist close by. So, you can create a nice half up, half down hair style. Even an elevated French twist with or a Bohemian look, with the bobby pins. And then you can set the look and keep fly-aways at bay with your hydrating net. An easy way to feel fresh and clean post-flight is to brush your teeth. But instead of unpacking your entire toiletry case, use a Colgate Wisp, Now, these are very tiny so they're easy to fit in your purse, and you don't need water to use them because the toothpaste is actually this little tiny bead. So you can use it in the airplane bathroom or the airport bathroom to touch up before meeting a co-worker or even a special someone at the airport. Traveling doesn't mean you have to look jet lagged. In fact, with these tips, you might just get that first class upgrade. I'm Kirbie and thanks for watching BellaSugar TV.

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Amy3145567 Amy3145567 3 years
hydrating mist is such a  life saver on planes! Great tips Kirbie :)
Phyrnicia Phyrnicia 3 years
Free radicals are NOT "basically things in the environment that are bad for your skin."  I so dislike misinformation passed along with a sound of authority from the speaker.  Kirbie, please do a little research so you'll know what they are, and then please verbalize the correction next time you do a video.
Advah Advah 3 years
I like the sound of that hydrating mist!
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