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What's the Silliest Beauty Trend You've Followed?

What's the Silliest Beauty Trend You've Followed?

This past weekend, I finally checked out Le Magnetique, Lancome's new limited-edition nail polish that is part of the Mystery Game collection. The bottle has an inconspicuous magnet attached to it; the idea is that you paint your nails, then sweep the magnet across the polish before it dries. Because the polish is infused with oxides, the magnet creates a starburst pattern of sorts. I think it's a cool concept—and if there were a way to make it create French manicures, it'd sell like hotcakes—but I don't think I'd want to wear it very often.

This got me thinking about products that, while admittedly creative and innovative, become super-hot only to fall into the "remember when?" annals of beauty history. The dorkiest trend I latched onto is painful to remember. The year was 1998. The hottest look: hair mascara. Of course, I thought the idea was so cool, and I stalked the Dior counter until the product finally arrived. I fancied myself a modern-day Holly Golightly type, streaking gold through my hair. The stuff smelled bad, it clumped and made my hair greasy. I also looked like a fool, albeit one with multiple streaks of unusual colors on my head.

So now that I've confessed that I once used more mascara on my hair than on my eyelashes, it's your turn. What's the silliest trend you've bought into?

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