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What the $@#%! Is Wrong With This Lady?

Remember the model whose daughter wants a boob job? She's got company. The Daily Mail reports on Ashley Hughes, a pushy stage mom who's spent $30,000 on salon treatments and pole-dancing lessons for her 15-year-old daughter, Emma — and of course there's a boob job in the works. (Emma's already a 34F.)

The goal is for Emma to look like glamour model Jordan. "Now I hold down as many jobs as I can to ensure she'll have all the beauty treatments, tanning sessions, and cosmetic surgery she needs to achieve her dream," Ashley says.

This seems like a sensationalized publicity stunt, but even if that's the case, it's hardly ace parenting. So, I ask you: Why do you think these mothers are encouraging their daughters to focus so much on their looks? Is it just about appearance, or is there a bigger cultural force that drives this behavior? And why do you think some teenage girls' aspirations focus on plastic surgery?

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