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What's Your Favorite Type of Lip Product?

What's Your Favorite Type of Lip Product?

I've learned that an astounding number of you prefer to use powder blush over cream blush, mineral blushes or cheek stains, and now I want to know about your love of lip products. When I'm heading out the door, my go-to lip product is usually a neutral, shimmery lip gloss. Do you also reach for a gloss or are you more of a tinted or a plain lip balm, lipstick or lip stain kind of gal?

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jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 8 years
I am a lip gloss and lip balm kind of girl
darlene darlene 8 years
lip gloss
darlene darlene 8 years
lip gloss
kym101 kym101 8 years
i wear lipstick to keep my lips moist and not chapped. i don't like the sticky feel i get from lip gloss.
ShePirate2010 ShePirate2010 8 years
i use lip stick and then put a similer shade of lip gloss over that so i kinda like both.......i think lip stain is realyl cool though 2!!
DarlingDA DarlingDA 8 years
I like lip gloss, I carry it in my purse and it's hard to apply poorly. Usually in the morning though I give myself kind of a base color by putting a little bit of lipstick in the center and blending it out with gloss, usually it's Clinique lipstick in either A Different Grape, All Heart, or Vintage Wine.
lavieboheme lavieboheme 8 years
Burt's bees lip balm is amazing! But I love me some covergirl lipgloss haha
WiCkeD_LaDy WiCkeD_LaDy 8 years
This was really hard, becausetalking about lips i loveeverything, and i put everythingon them, or combine lip gloss withlip stain or lipstick with my Carmex,i use all of them daily.
WiCkeD_LaDy WiCkeD_LaDy 8 years
This was really hard, because talking about lips i love everything, and i put everything on them, or combine lip gloss with lip stain or lipstick with my Carmex,i use all of them daily.
janellethechef janellethechef 8 years
I'm definitely a gloss girl...but I'm currently obsessed with that Jack Black balm that you have up there! Its amazing!!
Angelica Angelica 8 years
I love it all, but gloss wins. I think I buy more lip gloss than anything else.
chhavi chhavi 8 years
yummy ummy lip balms!
chhavi chhavi 8 years
yummy ummy lip balms!
thisgirlzakillah thisgirlzakillah 8 years
i seriously cannot live without lip gloss. And when im going out at night, i cant live without lip plumper. it makes me feel sexy to have pouty lips =)
ModernGraceKelly ModernGraceKelly 8 years
I wear them both. I have the same shade of shy by clinique someone mentioned above. :) I reach for lipstick more in the summer. I just don't love to reapply in the warm weather and bother with the wind versus my hair stuck in gloss.
missdiorluxe missdiorluxe 8 years
Blistex lip balm and a nice rose red lip stick. Love it!
ExpressionEleven ExpressionEleven 8 years
Lip Gloss 100%, but I always keep a handy jar of Blistex Lip Medex in my purse (it's pure necessity during our cold winter months.)
Dollylo Dollylo 8 years
I never go anywhere without my lip gloss and my lip balm! ;)
Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 8 years
Any kind of lip gloss. It's easy to apply, you don't need a full face of makeup to complete the look and I just love it. I remember when I only wore lipstick so long ago.
kcwebgirl kcwebgirl 8 years
i love my nonsticky lip gloss from bath and body works. it's sheer, lasts long and compliments my overall makeup look. i can't stand lipstick and i hate chapstick. it burns my lips!
Tats Tats 8 years
Tats Tats 8 years
MindayH MindayH 8 years
I am a lip gloss junkie, so that's what I voted. But really...I love it all.
girlie871 girlie871 8 years
i dont really wear lipstick but i always wear chapstick/lip balm.
givelivelove givelivelove 8 years
I love Burt's bees balm or fruit lip gloss for on the go. My fave glosses are Co Bigelow ultra mentha and American Girl real beauty sheer conditioning lip shine in strawberry. A friend gave it to me and it is one of the best glosses I own so don't be fooled because its marketed to little girls. it smells perfect too- minty fruity and its cool on your lips but not tingly like mentha lip shine.
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