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What's Your Irrational Beauty Tip?

What's Your Irrational Beauty Tip?

A few years ago, I successfully (and inadvertently) cultivated a fertile field of acne on my chin. It was completely out of control; I'd go to bed, then wake up with five or six new spots on my chin. Over-the-counter creams did nothing, and Retin-A Micro made my skin flaky and red. With no real evidence to back it up, I decided that my body was somehow trying to get rid of random toxins, hence the breakouts. "I've got to let my skin breathe," I thought. "And antiperspirant keeps you from sweating, and it blocks pores, so maybe all of the crap that is supposed to go out when I sweat is somehow turning into pimples."

On the, er, face of things, this makes no sense whatsoever. It's highly illogical. Yet... within a few weeks, my chin started to clear up. (What's more, as it turns out, I don't sweat any more with plain ol' deodorant anyway.) Even though I know this "solution" is probably all in my head, I've sworn off anti-perspirant for good. What about you — any irrational beauty tips that you swear by?


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