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Why Isn't There a Name For Black-Haired Beauties?

Why Isn't There a Name For Black-Haired Beauties?

People with blond hair are called blondes. The same goes for brown-haired beauties, who are known as brunettes. If you have red hair, you're known as a redhead — whether it's copper, auburn, strawberry, or colored with reddish-violet undertones. Easy.

But when it comes to those with raven locks, why isn't there an official name designated for those with the darkest strands? Is it simply that black-haired is, in actuality, the most appropriate description? If you could give those with the darkest hair their own alias, what would it be? Ravenettes? Inkhairs? Blackheads? Nah, none sound quite right. Whether it's for virgin hair or it's dyed black, what's the best description you can conjure up?

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