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25 Fashion Week Looks Best Suited For the Runway

Feb 19 2010 - 1:00pm

Fall is almost here! The new season is full of gorgeous colors and sexy new hairstyles, but while it's easy to spot the runway trends that are transitioning to real life, there are plenty of others that we can only hope don't make an appearance at the local mall. So what looks are we hoping stay in the realms of the unreal? Click through to see the styles that, for all our sakes, we hope we're not trying come September.

Jeremy Scott

The mega I Dream of Jeannie [1] hair and eye makeup at Jeremy Scott were fun, but not exactly office-friendly.

Victor De Souza

Victor De Souza's svelte aliens looked like something out of a very pretty close encounter, but the white makeup and special effects contacts probably won't be making an appearance at your local mall anytime soon.

Malan Breton

Can you see the face chain becoming a regular-girl look?


The rope-like swirls here would have to be watered down quite a bit before they could become ready for the street.

Alexander Wang

Dramatically soaked-looking models were edgy on the runway, but your friends might start to worry if you started rocking this one for real.

Elie Tahari

Everything at Elie Tahari looked incredible, but real-life wearers will probably draw the line at going temporarily blind for beauty.

Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson had Kelly Osbourne walk the runway in this lady 'stache that, while totally charming, will probably not be making any serious appearances in Vogue.


These silver spray-painted hands are perfect on the runway, but in real life only the robot guy at 30 Rock [2] wears them on the daily.

Elisa Palomino

The wild orange hair and makeup at Elisa Palomino looked amazing in the tents, but they're more appropriate for a costume party than date night.

Prabal Gurung

Models with this hair look cool, and while the style might not make it into the mainstream, I could see it being a club-going favorite.

Tracy Reese

Only members of the Breakfast Club [3] can get away with this Tracy Reese look in real life.

Narciso Rodriguez

Equestrian headpieces are haute, but hard to wear on the street.

Academy of Art University

A long, cool woman in a black hat makes for runway drama, but in the real world, a look like this could send out an unapproachable vibe. (Of course, at times, that might not be so bad, no?)

Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy's big smoky eye was totally on-trend, but a little over the top for an everyday style.

Betsey Johnson

This bird hat is all kinds of cute, but it probably won't be making an appearance at the Kentucky Derby anytime soon . . . or will it?


It was all about distinctively fun caps at Yeohlee. Cute? Yes. Practical? A little less so.


This spine tattoo is really attention-grabbing with a low-backed dress, but it seems unlikely that lots of women will go permanent with the trend.

Betsey Johnson

Being a sexy masked bandit looks like a blast, but you might end up sending out the wrong kind of signals.


This headpiece from Halston looked mysterious and cool, but only a superhero could wear this to work without getting some weird looks.


Grungy-cool just-out-of-the-shower hair worked at LNA, but probably wouldn't be a good idea at a job interview.

The Blonds

I absolutely adore this makeup, but dark hair with a platinum pouf on top is the sort of thing I'd only recommend to models . . . and Rihanna.

Ports 1961

Although it had a moment last year [4], going without eyebrows has never really taken off. Ports 1961 worked it again on the runway this time around, but I'm betting it won't fare any better than previous attempts have.


The chunky blue glitter lips at Doo.Ri were creative fantasy, but they wouldn't work for a lunch date.


The pouf at Malandrino looked amazing, but a real-life attempt to replicate it might just result in frizz.

Korto Momolu

The multi-colored eyelashes at Korto Momolu were gorgeous and worth replicating for a costume party, but they're probably way too much drama for your average Friday night.

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