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Would You Buy a Haircare Line That Caters to Your Haircut?

Do you have a shag haircut? A pixie? Perhaps you're rocking a long, layered look. Whatever the case, HerCut, a haircare line that launches in June, will provide products that cater to a woman's particular haircut, as opposed to her type of hair. WWD reports that HerCut will offer a shampoo ($19), conditioner ($19), and a styling product ($22), in each the following hair categories: the Blunt, the Shag, the Bob, Long Layers, and the Pixie.

I've heard of Sally Hershberger's Supreme Head Shagg Spray ($12) before, and I'm all for products that are customizable. But what about haircuts beyond those five? What do you think of this company's approach? Are you buying HerCut's product-by-haircut strategy, or would you rather prefer to pick your hair care by your hair type?


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