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Yikes: We Put Hundreds of Chemicals on Our Bodies Each Day

Earlier this year, I asked you to estimate the cost of all the beauty products you wear each day. Some hovered around the very inexpensive $10 range, while others danced around $1,000. However many beauty items you put on daily, have you ever stopped to think about how many chemicals this equates? Research from Bionsen, company that manufactures natural deodorant, concluded that, on average, women put 515 different synthetics on their bodies daily. Some common products mentioned include: shampoo (15), hairspray (11), blush (16), eye shadow (26), foundation (24), lipstick (33), deodorant (15), lotion (32), self-tanner (22), nail polish (31), and perfume (250). Wowza. To find out more, keep reading.

"Lots of the high-tech, new generation cosmetics and beauty 'wonder' treatments naturally contain more chemicals to achieve even better results, which, of course, means women apply more chemicals than ever before," said Bionsen's Charlotte Smith. While some argue that these questionable ingredients, like the controversial methylparabens, are safe in small doses, one still wonders about their cumulative effects. Many even go as far to say that not only do these synthetic ingredients cause fertility issues and cancer, but that these chemicals are actually causing us to age faster.

On the flip side, the Cosmetic Toiletries and Perfumery Association takes a different stance, saying "Stringent laws require all cosmetics to be safe, and each product undergoes a rigorous safety assessment. The number of ingredients in a product, or whether it is natural or man-made, has no bearing on how safe it is." But are these safety laws delving deep enough? What do you think?

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