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Are You Really Aging Like Your Mother?

Are You Really Aging Like Your Mother?

This story popped up recently, and I wasn't gonna cover it at first because the research underpinning it is narrow and lends itself to a lot of pat, stereotypical conclusions about mothers and daughters. The story seems to be reporting wholesale that we're all going to age just like our mothers (dun dun dun!), so I figured I had to clear a few things up so you get the real info.

Look, this study is based on data culled from just 10 sets of mothers and daughters who were brought in because they were already similar-looking. It's junk science, seriously. I hope I do age like my mom (the lady is fine, I tell you, F-I-N-E fine), but since I'm a totally different individual and not some fembot clone of her, all bets are off. We could create a wider, probably more accurate study of our own here, so that's exactly what I'm doing. Are you aging like your mom? Are you aging at all? Let's create a little "science," OK?

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