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Zeno vs Thermaclear: pros and cons

Thermaclear Vs Zeno: The Zit-Zapper Showdown

When I received a Thermaclear, I was pretty excited. I'd already had good results with rival device Zeno. Like Zeno, Thermaclear uses heat to destroy acne bacteria, thereby making pimples disappear faster (or never come to a head in the first place). These devices are great for those times when you feel a pimple coming on; just zap it and it retards the blemish's growth.

Now that I've tried both zit zappers, I've made a guide to comparing and contrasting them. (FYI, both devices were sent to me for review, so I'm not biased toward either.)

For a chart that shows the pros and cons of each device,


Who wins?
Looks Sleek, modern design. Pro version available in pink and teal, too. Grayish blue, not as sleek. Zeno. It just looks better.
Warm-up time About a minute About 10 seconds Thermaclear better fits my want-it-now attention span.
Application time per blemish Two minutes, measured by a small beep every 30 seconds. Two seconds. Thermaclear. You could treat the whole face in the amount of time it takes to treat one pimple with Zeno.
Feels like Warm and soothing. Feels great on cystic acne. Yowza! It's a quick zap, but it stings for a second. Zeno makes me feel pampered and cared-for, as though a benevolent complexion fairy were caressing me.
Replacement Basic model comes with 60-count cartridge; replacements are $25 each. Tip requires replacement once a year; a new one is $19.95 Thermaclear
Price $150 for basic model; $189 for prettier Pro model $149 It's a draw, although the replacement costs favor Thermaclear.
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