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Ethan Hawke, 2005

Ethan's awkward bangs could have used a trim. Some quality one-on-one time with his Norelco might have also helped make him look more formal.

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ftlatrctn ftlatrctn 6 years
LoL @ MacDre. Yeah, guys who can't grow facial hair in evenly really shouldn't try. And the hair does nothing for his sculpted facial features.
MacDre MacDre 6 years
He kind of looks like he's going through puberty.. :(
discodivared discodivared 7 years
I agree, I like "dirty sexy", but not "dirty, greasy, nasty, I haven't bathed in 3 weeks".
LeahWright LeahWright 7 years
I can deal with the scruffiness, but the greasy look has got to go.
elephantheart elephantheart 7 years
I loved him until he cheated on Uma. Now I think he's just a skeez.
bellydancinmary bellydancinmary 7 years
His hair looks like it hasn't been washed in a couple days.