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lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
she looks so pretty and normal...
MelMelxMelody MelMelxMelody 7 years
She is definitely not another Kate Bosworth or Sienna Miller. I think that if she stopped dying her hair blond, you would probably think differently. She's really a redhead, so maybe another Lindsay even though Jessica dyed her hair first. Maybe what makes her stand out isn't so obvious in this picture, I agree, but in ads and some runway shows, her face stands out: her eyes, nose, and lips pop. I personally think they're very weird, because you don't always see a person like that. She stood out to me as a redhead when I saw her for the first time on a BCBG ad years back when she wasn't a supermodel yet.
cosmogirl cosmogirl 7 years
I agree flummoxes she's really pretty, but she does look like all the other models. I love the ones that have that different look to them, something that no one else has.
flummoxes flummoxes 7 years
Meh, she is lovely but she looks just like all the Kate Bosworths and Sienna Millers out there right now.
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