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5 years
The Nazi chic phenomena in Asian countries is a very strange thing indeed. The reason they aren't insulted by it like we are is that there is next to no jewish people, and for them the evil surpressors in WWII were the Japanese NOT the Germans so it doesn't carry the stigmata it does here. Are the ads in poor taste? - sure On the other hand it's not like they were meant for a western audience who would have found in insulting in the first place. My grandfather on my Caucasian side AND my grandfather-in-law were both tortured by the Germans so I'm no fan of the Krauts - but whatever happened to freedom of speech? I think there are more important issues for the Simon Wiesenthal Center - like ACTUAL bigotry toward Jewish people in the Western and Islamic world rather than an in poor taste cosmetics ad in Korean - sheesh.
elmosisi elmosisi 7 years
people be getting hyped over everything