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Kadee has had her Riddikulus tattoo since Fall 2010.

What inspired you to get your tattoo?

"A deep love for Harry Potter! Easy as that."

How did you come up with the design?

"There's not much you can do to spruce up a lip tattoo — it's a small, tricky placement. I just wanted it plain and simple."

What's the significance of your tattoo?

"It's my favorite spell in the Harry Potter series. It's the spell to help get rid of a creature called a boggart, which takes the shape of whatever you fear the most. When you say the spell, you have to imagine what you fear taking a humorous form. Paired with laughter, this spell banishes the thing you fear. I suppose I just need to be reminded sometimes that your fears are only what you make them."

If you had to pick one thing about your tattoo that you liked best, what would it be?

"It's very simple, there isn't much to like besides the tattoo itself. I kind of like that it isn't visible unless I want to show it. It's more of a personal reminder than anything else."

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