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Shannen Doherty

Team Brenda! In 1995, Shannen Doherty shot pool like she meant it, all to promote lipstick in Korea.

god-is-imaginary god-is-imaginary 8 years
I think the reason why we didn't see these was because the products that they promoted were in another country. I never knew they existed until I searched in Youtube and it would pop up with actor/actress and the foreign commercials they were in. I agree they are so funny and they never make sense. Someimes, one doesn't even relate to the product they're selling, just like in America. I saw an Olympic runner and the camera zoom in on the runner's shoes. I'm thinking its a sports shoe commercial, but it wasn't. It was about buying an expensive watch. WTH! *L Although it is a culture clash to see it I'm certain people from different countries are spoofing the celebrities or even in awe that they promoted the product, too.
details2 details2 8 years
When I visited Cannes... the bus stops had this posters of George Clooney shilling espresso... I laughed my ass off.
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