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Vote For Your Favorite Dish!

For every vote cast, YumSugar will donate 25 cents to the Whole Kids Foundation (up to $5,000). Come back next week to vote for your favorite dessert, but first, continue to the next slide to enter to win a $1,000 Whole Foods Market gift card. What's your favorite dish?

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honeyryder honeyryder 4 years
As a vegetarian, I voted for the squash.
JasminesPhotography JasminesPhotography 4 years
Can't go wrong with the golden roasted turkey.
runswimmerrun runswimmerrun 4 years
Butternut squash! Veggism. Going back to school next year, boy would that $1000 gift card be AMAZING.
dholmas dholmas 4 years
A friend who graduated from the CIA taught me how to brine turkey and chicken. Since then I have always brined them for at least 24 hours. Always moist, tender and just plain YUMMIE. Different spices, herbs and juices add a great deal of flavor.
janetmouse janetmouse 4 years
Wow...all of it looks yummy...hope everyone can have something to eat this holiday season :-)
le-romantique le-romantique 4 years
That was the hardest decision I had to make all day... ahahha they all look so amazing.
mjw2285 mjw2285 4 years
We brined our turkey last year and it was amazing! It takes half the time to cook and is beyond juicy!
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